Condominiums in Grant Park: Welcome To “Right-Size Living” at Its Best

Condominiums in Grant Park: Welcome To “Right-Size Living” at Its Best

When you invest in a home, you want to buy the best one you can afford. But what constitutes “best?” Different buyers have different answers, but if you are looking to live in the Grant Park area of Atlanta, a “right-sized” condominium makes a lot of sense.

You see, gone are the days when a bigger home was considered a better home. Demand for huge houses has waned over the years. Why? A large house equates to a large list of expensive things to maintain. There’s the house itself, the big yard it’s sitting on, not to mention the expense of heating and cooling lots of rooms that typically sit empty all day. Today’s homebuyers are smarter. They are looking for more aspects of home efficiency, especially when it comes to space. That’s what right-sizing is and why a well-designed condominium (like ours!) is the perfect way to go. Consider the following benefits of downsizing to a right-size condo like ours, Burnett Grant Park.

Better utilization of space

No one lives in a living room anymore. No one dines in a dining room anymore. These formal rooms typically found in traditional homes are wasted space. By making your living spaces more multifunctional, you’ll discover that you’ll get much more value and ROI out of every square foot.

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Every day is like a “staycation”

Reducing the size of your home, and therefore, the amount of work and maintenance it requires, means you’ll have more time for fun endeavors. Even better, the association takes care of all the tough stuff (like mowing, for example.) And the bonus? If you live at Burnett Grant Park you’ll have better access to those above-mentioned fun endeavors — our central Atlanta location is close to everything.

Make a great impression

A well-located, well-designed condominium that offers high-end finishes can make a fantastic impression, not only with your family and friends but with future buyers. Our new condos include stainless-steel kitchen appliances, beautiful new bathroom upgrades, new flooring, and private patios. We also have highly admirable common areas, like a new resident lounge with a coffee bar, dedicated workspaces with WiFi, and an exercise facility with premium training equipment.

It’s a smart investment

Investing in a smaller home is wise. When it comes time to sell your condominium, the lower price point (compared to a traditional home) will appeal to a wider audience of buyers. Also, because of our sought-after Grant Park location and deluxe amenities, the value of your right-sized home is likely to be higher than most. Burnett Grant Park is adjacent to a lot of urban amenities that no other condominium at this price point can offer.

So if you’re ready to move into a right-sized condominium in the Atlanta area, you owe it to yourself to check out Burnett Grant Park. The earlier, the better! Learn more today.