Five Creative DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas

decorating your Atlanta condo for holidays

Today’s savvy homebuyers are wisely investing in smart spaces. Because honestly, who wants to live in an enormous house in the ‘burbs nowadays? That is unless you’ve got a big crew of people to keep it up — and a big budget to match. A somewhat smaller home located in town makes much more sense …and cents (in your wallet, that is.) In keeping with that, we’ve put together a list of inexpensive, fun decorating ideas that will help you spread joy in your home this season. All it takes is a little ingenuity and creativity. Ok, and perhaps a bit of cheerful enthusiasm too. So put on your favorite tunes and indulge in a delicious beverage. It’s time to do some cool DIY decorating!

Celebrate with snowflakes

Make paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling. The more you make, the merrier. As the air circulates throughout the room, they will individually billow and flow, making you and your guests feel like you’re in a cheerful snow globe. Don’t feel like cutting out paper snowflakes? You can find some pretty substitutes at your local dollar store.

Create a tasteful tree

Christmas tree in your condo

Everyone knows that a tree is not only expensive, it can take up a ton of space. Instead of getting a tree (that you’ll end up throwing out anyway), you can make a wall art one instead. Take holiday lights in the colors of your choice and put them up on the wall in the form of a tree. Use easily removable tabs that don’t mar the wall to keep the lights secure and in place. Once your tree has taken shape, you can decorate it. Hang ornaments on the strands, put up garland and secure a shiny star at the top. Don’t forget to place a few small, wrapped gifts underneath your wall tree to complete the ensemble.

Hang marvelous mistletoe

Hang some mistletoe from the ceiling in a non-obvious spot. Whether you get the real stuff or not, make it pretty with a bright colored bow. This idea is great fun for everyone, as your guests will get a good laugh once you point out that they are standing underneath it. May your kisses be merry and aplenty.

Make sense of scents

The holidays aren’t just a feast for the eyes. Yes, you want to make it look great, but you also make it smell fantastic too. And no, you don’t have to slave over the stove and start whipping up a batch of snickerdoodles. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or not, there are easier ways enjoy the scents of the season. A few new cinnamon-spice candles, or some well-placed pine-scented potpourri, or even an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser all work well.

Bedeck your balcony

Grant Park Condos

You know that every one of our Grant Park condos comes with a large balcony, right? It offers even more space to decorate! Wrap some twinkling lights around the railings and hang a wreath in the center. You can probably even fit that “must-have” tree on your balcony too. What’s great is that you can experience all that decor from the spacious, indoor comfort of your home. Better yet, your neighbors will be able to see and enjoy it also.

Ready to meet those future neighbors this holiday season? Stop by and check out your beautiful new home here at Burnett Grant Park, right in the heart of Atlanta. Location, location, location. It just makes sense. Make plans to visit us today.